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A Key Advantage of Reg CF and Reg A+ Offerings

The Securities and Exchange Commission rule changes from 2015 (Regulation A+) and 2021 (Regulation CF updates) have created significant interest in executing capital raises under these programs. Both Reg CF and Reg A+ share a common and key advantage:

A Seamless Three Minute Investment Process

The subscription processing technology that deploys into Regulation D Resources Reg CF and Reg A+ investor raise portals is a key advantage to executing under these programs. Unlike a Reg D 506(c) offering where the investor must provide verification documents, the CF and A+ offerings provide a quick, efficient and non-intrusive investment subscription process for the investor.  It would take longer to purchase a t-shirt from Amazon than it would to purchase shares in a company using a CF or A+ raise portal. There is also the advantage of being able to generally solicit the public and raise funding from all investors – not just accredited high net worth investors.

This is a key advantage as engaging an investor and getting them through the subscription process efficiently is critical to sales conversions.  In our modern society, we expect things to be simple and efficient. The investor dedicates three minutes to providing some basic information and choosing payment rails to tender the subscription with no additional hassles of uploading CPA letters or other verification documents.  

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Friday January 27, 2023

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