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Coming Spring 2017 – Sponsor Level Investor Portals

Regulation D Resources (“RDR”) is excited to announce a new product and service coming in the Spring of 2017. Our Investor Web Portals have provided our clients with a high technology solution for promoting their investment offerings, managing compliance processes, and providing investor relations information to subscribed investors.

Now – RDR is in development on a portal product that will provide a Sponsor Level architecture that will allow deployment and management of offering (or “project”) level sub-portals for specific investment funds, projects, or acquisitions being executed under special purpose entities.

An initial Sponsor Level Portal will include a front-end sponsor website that will showcase the sponsor’s available investment offerings and will initially include one “project” level sub-portal that is specific to the investment offering. As new investment opportunities are made available through new offerings the sub-portals are created by RDR and they are a direct plugin into the Sponsor Portal’s master management architecture. The Sponsor Level portal will then allow for management of investors, data, investment relations, and documents across all of the sponsor’s “deal specific” investor sub-portals.

Thus, a real estate developer that does multiple offerings can have a master Sponsor Level Portal along with, for example, three project specific sub-portals all operating at the same time. The Sponsor Portal page will allow investor prospects to view available investment opportunities, and then those prospects can choose the project sub-portal to view offering documents and proceed through the investment process into a project or property. The Sponsor Portal will also allow for the showcasing of closed offerings – enhancing confidence in investors seeking current opportunities.

Since 1999 RDR has been dedicated to providing clients with the expertise and services needed to raise capital properly, successfully, and in compliance with State and Federal rules. We continue that commitment in 2017 with the introduction of our Sponsor Level Portal product. Stay tuned for updates!

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Wednesday December 14, 2016

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