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Direct Reg CF Offerings and Control of Your Prospect Data

The ability to execute a Regulation CF Offering “Direct” wherein you bypass launching on an SEC approved Reg CF crowdfunding platform has some significant advantages. Certainly the ability to use a custom Reg CF investor raise portal website that is purpose built to administer your CF raise is a major advantage over the basic raise pages of the crowdfunding platforms. Further, execution costs are lower and you are also not launching your CF raise alongside 400 other deals that could capture your investor prospect’s attention and investment capital.

A primary advantage of the “Direct” Reg CF approach is control of your investor and prospect data. When you execute a Reg CF raise on the big platforms your company loses control of that data. So if your marketing funnels 10,000 prospects to that raise page in a month – that is the platform’s data to own and control.

Executing a successful capital raise and follow-on raises requires being able to properly re-target prospects that were interested in your company initially. The Direct Reg CF Offerings that Regulation D Resources executes allow full access to and ownership of all prospect and investor data. That allows the client to more effectively utilize that data to execute a successful initial and follow on capital raise.

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Monday July 10, 2023

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