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QuickTip: Know Your Offering Terms

First impressions are very important when dealing with potential investors for your company and offering. Investors who are contemplating investing into your business or project must have the confidence that the company’s business plan will be executed¬†properly and that the primary executives are “hands-on” and active in managing the operations of the company.

There are many facets to providing investors a high level of confidence in the skill of the management team. Certainly having a professional high quality securities offering developed is of critical importance. Management knowledge of the content of those materials, and the terms of the offering is equally important. Managers or principals who are dealing with investors must know the terms of the securities offering in order to provide investors a level of confidence. Nothing will turn off an investor faster than an executive officer of the company not knowing key offering terms such as a planned preferred dividend or the conversion rate of preferred shares to common shares in a convertible preferred equity offering.

At Regulation D Resources – we make sure our clients fully understand the terms of the offering and the metrics used to set those terms. Our clients are intrinsically involved in that process and therefore fully understand the terms of the offering and the basis for those terms.

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Monday December 15, 2014

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