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QuickTip: The Business Card PPM

Welcome to a new feature for the Regulation D Resources (“RDR”) blog – the “QuickTip”!  Each week we will debut a new “QuickTip” regarding Regulation D offering preparation and execution.

Today’s QuikTip:  The Business Card PPM

Promotion of your offering should always be at the forefront of any communication with a potential accredited investor. Business meetings, personal events, and any other daily interaction with other people can prove to be an opportunity to promote your offering and raise capital. We have seen significant capital raised on golf courses (for example) with the issuer principal interacting with a member of a foursome playing 18 holes of golf or discussing their business in the clubhouse with an interested party.

So how best to deliver a PPM on a golf course?  Simple!  Print some of your business cards with a URL and password on the back.  The URL will lead to a password protected page of your corporate website that houses the PPM (via flip book or PDF download) and may also provide some relevant offering information and company operational data. The password protects access and allows only qualified people that have been invited the capability to access the PPM. Once clients get used to having a “PPM in their back pocket” – they can network very effectively in any situation where they are in contact with other business professionals or personal contacts that may have an interest in becoming an investor.

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Monday December 01, 2014

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