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QuickTip: Investor Relations via the Web

Investor relations is a very important aspect of post-offering operations. Every company executing an offering should prepare for the processes and methods of engaging in investor relations. Since most Regulation D offerings involve less than 75 investors Рthe task of keeping those investors updated and informed is not as complicated as a public company with thousands, or tens of thousands, of shareholders and investors.

One efficient and technologically savvy method of investor relations is to dedicate a portion of the issuer company’s website to the task of investor relations. Many companies will create password protected portals within their corporate websites that allow investors who provide proper credentials to access updates about the company’s operations, quarterly reports, and other news and information pertinent to investors. E-mail has also made investor relations more efficient with e-mailed monthly or quarterly updates executed¬†with ease.

While the task of investor relations is important, technology has made that task more efficient and effective. Companies planning on executing an offering of securities to investors should give some thought to how they plan on keeping investors updated on the company’s operational progress.

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Monday February 02, 2015

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