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QuickTip: Paper or Digital?

In this high tech age many efficiencies are derived from keeping electronic records. When executing an offering – there is a trend towards electronic signatures and archiving all data and forms in digital form. We support this, and in fact our own 506(c) Investor Portals offer clients the option of electronic docu-sign for subscription agreements or a PDF download of the agreements for manual signature.

One benefit of keeping manual hard copy records in the issuers primary office is having them readily available if needed for a State regulator review. While rare, it is possible for a State regulators office to inquire about an offering, the investors that are participating, and SEC and State filings executed. Having these documents in hard copy form, in the issuers office and readily available, makes the review process for a regulator efficient.

While it would certainly be possible to access the documents from the portal, we feel it is also prudent to keep hard copies in the primary office and thus readily available if needed.

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Wednesday November 04, 2015

Category: QuickTips

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