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QuickTip: Run a First Class Investor Promotion Campaign with Contact Management

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are very savvy about managing a sales oriented contact management campaign. Multiple contact methods, social media engagement, and proper follow-up are all part of executing a proper sales contact management campaign.

Any company executing a Regulation D 506(c) offering should be deploying the same tactics used in sales contact management to maintain contact with and successfully close interested investors. Not all investors make an immediate investment decision and many may have multiple investment opportunities they are considering. Thus, it is important to have a solid contact management system in place to track investor interest, engage in multiple contacts, stay updated on the investor’s interest level, and provide management multiple opportunities to close the investor.

Using a contact management software system, or an Excel spreadsheet with reminders for contact methods and timeframes can be very helpful in managing dozens and potentially hundreds of investor contacts and working towards successfully closing those investors.

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Wednesday March 25, 2015

Category: QuickTips

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