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RDR and PENSCO Trust Announce Partnership

Regulation D Resources Enterprises, Inc. Announces Partnership with PENSCO Trust Company

PENSCO to provide IRA education and custodial services to RDR’s issuer clients and affiliated investors seeking access to regulation D offerings

DENVER, OCTOBER 22, 2014 – Regulation D Resources Enterprises, Inc. (“RDR”), a firm that specializes in helping privately held companies prepare and execute Regulation D private placement offerings, announced today its partnership with PENSCO Trust Company, a leading alternative asset custodian.

Effective December 2014, PENSCO will provide RDR clients the opportunity to advise their employees and existing investors of the benefits of investing through a self-directed IRA when they receive RDR onboarding documents, including private placement memorandum that privately held companies use to raise capital and make the corresponding Regulation D filing.

“We have seen an increased desire from investors for IRA investment into Regulation D offerings,” said Douglas Ruark, Principal of RDR. “We believe that this partnership will provide our clients with unmatched expertise and knowledge on how to invest in this asset class, while allowing them to easily transfer custodial services to PENSCO in order to facilitate the investment.”

RDR has always been at the forefront of providing small and medium size issuers that are seeking to aggregate investment capital with services that help them apply and utilize the Regulation D exemption. One prominent asset provided by RDR to clients is the company’s proprietary ultra-high specification disclosure prospectus – the Presentation Grade PPM™ – which provides small and medium size issuers with Tier 1 quality prospectus materials that are developed to meet the SEC’s Form 1-A model of disclosure.

RDR also provides support services for the completion and submission of related State and Federal securities filings. This critical execution support service is one reason why RDR has an unblemished 15-year track record for client compliance with SEC and State securities regulations.

“At PENSCO, we are consistently working to meet client demand for access to non-traded alternative asset investment opportunities, including private placements,” said Kelly Rodriques, chief executive officer of PENSCO. “We remain committed to growing our capabilities in order to provide the broadest access possible for our clients. We believe our partnership with RDR will provide investors with another avenue through which to support compelling companies using funds from their retirement accounts.”

About Regulation D Resources Enterprises, Inc.

Regulation D Resources Enterprises, Inc. (“RDR”) began operations in 1999 and specializes in developing and providing execution support for Regulation D exempt securities offerings. The Denver, Colorado based company provides a full complement of Regulation D offerings, as well as support services designed to assist small and medium size companies with the development and execution of a Regulation D exempt securities offering.

Regulation D is the most widely used exemption offered by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is frequently utilized by companies that need to raise capital from investors through the sale of equity or debt securities. The RDR services matrix provides clients with a broad array of expertise, services, and resources developed to maximize their success in raising capital through the Regulation D exemption. It also assists in issuer compliance with all State and Federal securities rules pertaining to such sales.


PENSCO Trust Company has been helping investors use their retirement account funds to invest in real estate, private equity and other non-exchange traded assets since 1989.

As the trusted custodian of over $11 billion in assets on behalf of more than 45,000 clients, PENSCO works with asset sponsors, financial institutions, and financial advisors, as well as self-directed investors who typically have a point of view about alternative investments based on their own knowledge or expertise and want to put their tax-advantaged retirement dollars to work in these opportunities.  

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PENSCO Trust Company performs the duties of an independent retirement custodian, and, as such, does not provide investment advice, sell investments or offer any tax or legal advice. PENSCO is not affiliated with any financial professional, investment, investment sponsor, or investment, tax or legal advisor; including any who are listed in The Marketplace. Clients or potential clients are advised to perform their own due diligence in choosing any investment opportunity as well as any professional to assist them with an investment opportunity. Alternative investments are not FDIC insured and are subject to risk, including loss of principal. The list of individuals in The Marketplace should not be considered a complete list of individuals/firms with whom you may work, and is being provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended as an individual recommendation, and each individual is encouraged to perform their own due-diligence on any financial professional with whom they intend to work.

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