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Regulation D Resources Announces Affiliation with

Since 1999, Regulation D Resources has maintained a strict policy of only affiliating with and recommending top tier service providers for our clients.  Our goal is to assist our clients on successfully engaging in capital formation using the SEC’s Regulation D exemption and we actively seek only the very best affiliated companies that can add significant value to this proposition.

We are excited to officially announce our affiliation with (“TFP”).   The professionals at TFP are experts in developing and executing multi-channel marketing and media campaigns.  They are now bringing this significant experience to bear on the execution of marketing and media campaigns for Regulation D 506c offerings.

The Regulation D 506c program provides issuers the capability to engage in general advertising and solicitation of accredited investors.  It is essentially a quasi-public offering and retaining TFP to execute a media campaign for promotion and marketing of the offering to accredited investors provides our clients with a powerful option to source qualified investors.  TFP’s expert guidance and proprietary methods for promotion of a 506c offering provide unmatched exposure for your company’s 506c offering.

Questions about the Regulation D 506c program or services?  Call us today and find out how the Regulation D Resources – team can assist you in executing a 506c offering to capitalize your company or project.

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Monday October 14, 2013

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