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Saas Model Investor Portals – Fees and Deployment Information

Regulation D Resources is excited to announce that, as of February 15th, 2017, all new Investor Portal orders shall be on the new Software as a Service (“SaaS”) model.
SaaS Investor Portals will operate on RDR’s internal server and the client will be charged the standard portal build fee in addition to monthly access fees and an annual renewal.

The monthly access fee provides for what “old model” clients were paying for in terms of third party hosting costs and flipbook software to run the PPM flipbook – thus there is little difference in the monthly costs to a client between the old model and the new SaaS platform.

Benefits? Our team will be able to launch portals more efficiently under the new model and apply technical updates more efficiently and effectively.

Fees are detailed below:

Portal Build and Operating Fees

RDR Offering Preparation Clients:  $3,000 (one-time fee)
Non- RDR Offering Preparation Clients:  $4,000 (one-time fee)

Monthly Access Fee:  $30.00 (minimum 6 month commitment)

Annual Renewal Fee:  $150.00

Interested in supercharging your offering with an RDR Investor portal?

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Tuesday February 07, 2017

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