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The Differences Between Admin and Retail Broker Dealers

Most people are familiar with the concept of a “retail” broker dealer as it relates to a securities offering. A retail broker dealer operates in the traditional sense meaning they are actively selling securities on behalf of an issuer and raising capital.  

There has evolved over the last 10-15 years a speciality type broker dealer that we term “admin” broker dealers. These broker dealers specialize in serving as broker dealer intermediary on a Regulation CF offering or broker dealer of record on a Regulation A+ offering. While admin broker dealers certainly may still raise funding and sell securities – the primary mission is compliance. An admin broker dealer’s role is to manage the compliance aspects for an offering, support the issuer on any compliance needs, and serves as the “managing” broker dealer should other retail broker dealers begin selling the offering.

Admin broker dealers serve an important role – whether as the required broker dealer intermediary for a “Direct” Regulation CF offering or as broker dealer of record for a Regulation A+ offering.  

Regulation D Resources has developed an unparalleled eco-system of both retail and admin broker dealers that our clients have access to for their Reg CF or Reg A+ offerings.

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Tuesday August 22, 2023

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