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Three Model Portals Finalized

RDR has completed development of three sample RDR 506(c) Investor Portals for technology, oil and gas, and real estate sectors. These models will show the front “public” side of the portal and how it promotes the subject company and the offering.  The goal?  Energize potential investors into creating investor prospect accounts to access the PPM document, review offering terms, and ultimately invest using the portal for the process!

View our Sample Model Portals for Three Sectors: Technology, Real Estate, and Oil and Gas Sectors located here:

RDR’s 506(c) Investor Portals further enhance the high end offering materials created by RDR in RDR’s normal Offering Preparation and Execution Service package. Ready to have all of the tools needed to crowdfund your company or project? Regulation D Resources provides the entire matrix of needed services and support to achieve success in the capital markets.

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Thursday August 13, 2015

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