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Three Ways Press Releases Can Bolster Your Capital Raise

Securities offerings that allow general solicitation of the public can benefit greatly from the execution of press releases related to the launch of the capital raise and progress updates.

Below are three reasons why Press Releases should be a regular part of your offering promotion strategy:

-Announcing the Launch of the Securities Offering:  The obvious first press release used in conjunction with a raise is the release announcing the launch of the offering.  There are several reasons why this is an important release.  First – the release seeds Google and other search engines with additional information and page hits for the issuer entity.  This is especially helpful if the entity executing the raise is a newly formed entity without much operational history that would be picked up by search engines.  Second, the release can also generate excitement around the company and offering and can accelerate initial capital investment into the company and create momentum for the offering.

-Update Press Releases:  Press releases can also be issued to update the public on material changes with the company and updates on offering progress.  These releases can also build confidence with fence-sitter investor prospects who want to see some success with the raise prior to investing.

-Notice of Webinars:  Press releases are also a great way to notify the public of webinars that introduce investor prospects to the company and allow for a question and answer session.  These webinars can be run on a regular basis and allow the issuer to promote the company, the offering and build confidence with investors by answering questions and engaging in direct interaction with prospects.

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Thursday February 02, 2023

Category: Capital Formation and Regulation D

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