Mike Steele

Lead Software Engineer

Mike Steele is Lead Software Engineer for Regulation D Resources. Mike has been with Regulation D Resources since February 2016. Mike is responsible for the development and maintenance of RDR’s Investor Web Portal software coding. Mike specializes in different languages such as Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Java, MYSQL, ASCII, and MATLAB among others. Mike has a deep knowledge base of not only software code, but the development of user interfaces and process applications for use in managing securities compliance processes within the RDR portal.

After receiving his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University, Mike relocated to the front range of Colorado to begin his career. During his undergraduate studies, Mike began developing software for transmitting serialized data from a bi-directional power system. He developed a fondness for programming at this time which soon began to blossom into a career. After years of working as a full-stack developer in startup environments, he accepted a position with Regulation D Resources in 2016 and was tasked with the re-coding of the existing software portal architecture into a Rails based system. The web development team at RDR launched the first Rails based in-house portal in October 2016 and have successfully deployed more than 230+ offering portals to date with 39.66% still active and servicing the needs of RDR clients.

In his leisure time, Mike enjoys arranging and producing different pieces of music. He includes his admiration of electronics/programming into his music ventures by developing different signal processing plugins. He has disassembled and reversed engineered 32-bit plugins for different routing and production techniques. Mike also partakes in video game development with his close friends. He specializes in programming physics engines’ that are appropriate to the current game.

Our Team

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"Regulation D Resources takes the guesswork out of developing compliance documentation. The knowledge of the Company’s staff regarding the ever changing Regulation D laws is impressive. We appreciate the accessibility of the entire Regulation D Resources team. The high quality of the investor website portals developed for Cardone Acquisitions along with high quality PPM materials makes Regulation D Resources the best in the business."

Ryan Tseko, Investor Relations, Cardone Acquisitions

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Regulation D Resources is the leader in providing Regulation D and Regulation A+ Offering Preparation and Execution Services. Some of our company highlights and competitive advantages include: