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Regulation D Resources provides full services for the preparation and execution of a Regulation D exempt securities offering. Part of the preparation for a Regulation D offering is the development of a Private Placement Memorandum. Regulation D Resources prepares the finest Private Placement Memorandum documentation in the industry creating a SEC compliant disclosure document that is also a high-end investor presentation that maximizes investor confidence in your offering.

The Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) serves to disclose critical information to potential investors ensuring they are properly informed regarding the company’s operations, investment risks, SEC disclosures, and offering terms prior to investing. A unique aspect of our offering documents is the “Presentation Grade” quality of the memorandum document. Our Presentation Grade™ PPM’s allow our clients to present an ultra high specification PPM to investors which dramatically increases the quality of engagement and ensures investors are provided a high quality, professional perception of the client company.A sample of our Presentation Grade™ PPM documentation is presented below:

A private placement memorandum will also have Exhibits to disclose additional needed information critical to the investment decision such as historical and projected financials, subscription documents, related contracts, company bylaws, and other pertinent supporting data. For offerings executed under certain Regulation D exemptions the SEC has specific regulations that govern what is disclosed to investors.

Regulation D Resources has adopted the SEC’s Form 1A disclosure standard for use in crafting our Regulation D exempt private placement memorandum documents. The Form 1A standard is the disclosure standard and disclosure format the SEC mandates for certain registered type securities offerings and exceeds what is typically required under a Regulation D exempt offering. Drafting our PPM’s to this standard provides several important benefits to our clients:

Presentation GradeTM PPM Documentation

A unique aspect of our offering documents is the “Presentation Grade™” quality of the private placement memorandum. Most private placement memorandum documents are comprised of basic text content with minimal presentation quality aspects. In fact, some firms use a “speed doc” type process for creating these documents which involves fill-in-the-blank forms and minimal customization and drafting. Our PPM’s are developed to a standard that far exceeds “typical” and truly enhances the quality of the client’s presentation to investors. Our Presentation Grade™ PPM’s are also referred to as “Tier 1 Grade” meaning they could be utilized effectively with a Tier 1 level investment bank or broker-dealer. Our private placement memorandum documents regularly pass compliance and legal review at FINRA broker-dealer firms as well as applicable State merit compliance review.

Our Presentation Grade™ PPM’s allow our clients to present an ultra high specification prospectus to investors which dramatically increases the quality and effectiveness of the offering and ensures investors have a high quality, professional perception of the client company. Each Presentation Grade™ PPM is carefully custom drafted by our expert staff to provide accurate SEC Form 1A spec disclosure and a professional grade presentation that has customized graphics and content specific to your business and industry.

Securing private investment successfully involves many factors and a critical factor is investor confidence. Potential investors must have confidence that the company’s management team is comprised of sophisticated professionals that will manage the company effectively. One of the key metrics they will use to judge your sophistication level is the quality of your investment presentation and offering documents as those documents are the primary source of information for potential investors. A Presentation Grade™ PPM ensures you are providing the very best PPM materials to your investor prospects.

The sample prospectus, seen above, is for a Multi-family Property Real Estate Fund and contains fictional information about the issuer, business operations, and individual managers. Any similarities with an existing operational entity and/or individuals is entirely coincidental. All of our Presentation Grade PPM documents are custom created for the client and relative to their specific planned business operations.

Whether you are raising $250,000 or $25,000,000 – you never get a second chance to make a quality first impression with investors.

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