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Regulation CF “Crowdfunding” allows companies to raise up to $5,000,000 in a 12 month period. These offerings are allowed to be publicly promoted and can raise funds from accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

Regulation D Resources specializes in the preparation of ‘Direct’ Reg CF Offerings. The benefit a ‘Direct’ Reg CF Offering provides is in allowing an issuer to execute a Reg CF on a dedicated Broker Dealer managed web platform thereby avoiding the costs and fees associated with traditional Reg CF platforms.

'Direct' Regulation CF Services

  • Drafting of Reg CF Offering Disclosure Circular
  • Structuring Guidance
  • Drafting, EDGAR conversion, and SEC submittal of Form C
  • Development of Investor Prospect Engagement web page for Broker Dealer managed sales platform
  • Technology coordination with Transfer Agent and Broker Dealer CF Sales Platform to ensure efficient and seamless launch of the offering
  • On-Going Compliance Support

What is a 'Direct' Reg CF Offering

The original Reg CF rules required that all CF offerings execute through an SEC approved CF Platform. While many of these platforms were developed and are operating, they tend to be very expensive to utilize (8-11% commissions and 2-3% equity along with CF preparation and Form C filing fees).

A “Direct” CF offering takes advantage of a recent rule change that allows approved broker dealer intermediaries to engage in administration of a Reg CF platform. This allows the CF Issuer to bypass the existing expensive Reg CF platforms and execute "direct" to investors using a broker dealer managed website portal for executing the securities sales.

The benefit of a “Direct” Reg CF Offering using our services is a fully SEC compliant sales process at 1/3 the cost of using a traditional Reg CF Platform.

Regulation CF Services Fee

The fee for our Regulation CF Offering Preparation Services is a $7,000 flat fee paid using the following payment schedule (fees subject to change):

  • $3,500 Retainer payment to engage services
  • $3,500 due 30 days net from date of engagement

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